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Savage Garden Cover: Two Beds and a Coffee Machine

by Drew Reese & The Harmonic Collective.

After I got out of the Military, I started working a lot with other veterans who were dealing with PTSD. An Air Force friend of mine reached out needing help because his Husband, a Marine who has deployed 4 times, was having really severe PTSD induced violent fits and flashbacks, and having two small children he was needed help. PTSD induced domestic violence is a real thing, and its a silent epidemic among many military and veteran families.


"Another ditch in the road, you keep moving. Another stop sign, you keep moving on..." those words and their melody have been a song of strength for me and I have found myself quietly singing it during some my toughest moments over the last 15 years, so I decided to record this song so I could share it with my Air Force friend and his family. I also hope that maybe someone else needed to hear this song as well so it could help them, the same way its helped me.



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© 2016 Drew Reese, all rights reserved. 

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